Hosting Edible Earth Farm's CSA

What is a CSA

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a subscription-based business model sometimes called a farm share or farm subscription. Individuals and families prepay for a fresh food delivery subscription. Members receive a share of what the farm produces. The farm's members enjoy certified organic vegetables and herbs, and the opportunity to support a local farm. Early sales fund the farm's season.

A Guide to Hosting Edible Earth Farm's CSA

Edible Earth Farm is one of Western PA's best known CSA programs. Their CSA runs for 20 weeks from June through October and deliveries happen weekly. Our extended season CSA includes delivers from November through December and happen bi-weekly. Deliveries are made between 10AM and 3PM. Depending on the location, deliveries would happen either Wednesday and Thursday . CSA members in the community would have until 8PM to retrieve their weekly share.

The farm delivers their CSA's in wooden crates. Each crate is lined with a plastic bag. Members retrieve the bag of vegetables from their crate, and the crate remains at the host site until the following week, when the next delivery is made. At that time, the empty crate is retrieved and a new crate full of fresh food is delivered. While in storage, crates can be consolidated to take up less space. The farm also delivers perishable items in an insulated cooler. Members who purchased perishable items retrieve their items from the insulated cooler. All items are labeled with the member's name. Members are not permitted to take the cooler with them.

Hosting Opportunities

The farm is actively searching for host sites in the following areas:
  • Brookline (Near town or between town and Dormont)
  • Erie (Near 26 street either east or west of 79)

Potential Route Additions for 2019
  • Bloomsfield
  • Emsworth
  • Sewickley

What is Expected of a Host

The farm loves hosts who are active participants in their CSA. The farm requests, when possible, that hosts report back to the farm when CSA shares are not picked up. The farm will work with the host and the member to coordinate pickup.

What Makes a Great Host Location

A location close to the farm's existing route. The farm prefers residences over businesses, as residences tend to take more ownership [see what is expected of a host]. An ideal host location is a front porch with limited exposure to the sun and rain and easily accessible from the road. Obviously, every host is different; so, contact the farm if you are interested in hosting and are curious if your location may work.

What Makes a Great Host

Hosts are a very important part of Edible Earth Farm's model. Hosts are part of the extended farm family and receive perks. We love to have hosts who belong to our CSA prior to hosting. However, that's not always possible. Hosts have access to bulk produce and seconds at a reduced rate, as well as special, limited time offerings. Non-business hosts receive a discount on their CSA and get it delivered to their door. Hosts also help promote Edible Earth Farm's CSA in their neighborhood.

Are You Interested in Hosting

to see if your location will work for their CSA program. Be sure to include your street address and how you heard about us.